Redefine Your Customer Support With 24*7 Conversational AI  HABOT

Boost your automation journey by slashing down the overall operational cost to nearly 60% and enhance customer satisfaction with our best customer service chatbot equipped with NLP in a multilingual setting

Count On Your Smart Agent to Do More with Less

Using chatbots for customer service can help you serve customers round the clock, even when you need a break. Habot enhances customer satisfaction (CSAT), the first response time (FRT), and more after being integrated with your customer support system.

Provide customer support in multiple languages

Answer repetitive FAQs and save your team's time

Gather information on customer demographic

Book in-store appointments

Improve customer retention

Provide a consistent user experience

Automate Customer Queries

Boost your organization’s productivity using our customer support Chatbot, Habot, by automating routine queries and enhancing call deflection – Don’t make your customer wait to find simple answers to their queries and reduce the burden of your expert support team to attend to more complex scenarios.

Prepare help articles and answers to FAQs accessible in a single click that saves time for customers

Give your customers quick access to information on their order status, delivery updates, payment reminders, and more

Make support-related information clear, concise, and actionable.

Provide information in smaller chunks based on the user's input

Proactive And Smart AI-powered Assistant

We provide a customer service chatbot that uses AI to mimic human speech. This solution is designed to respond to customer queries and requests, and it can simulate a human conversation by using natural language processing. Easily manage customer interactions across chat, email, and voice with generative AI-powered Inbox, with advanced features like auto-response, ticket summarization, and coaching insights- This custom Chatbot is all-in-one

  • Identify the pain points and reach out to your customers to offer any assistance regarding service delays, product installation updates, and more.
  • Ask your customers if they are satisfied with the answers, they receive to their questions by using FAQs and other resources.
  • Offer shopping guides that provide clarity to consumers before they buy products to reduce return and exchange rates.

Make use of every channel

Customers contact brands across every channel-Integrate this customer service Chatbot into your support strategy and assure them that you are there to help


Power-up conversations, boost customer engagement, generate qualified leads, drive sales, and provide on-demand support - all on your website by integrating our intelligent NLP Chatbot.


Starting from product recommendations to payments, our innovative Chatbot solutions for WhatsApp make it seamless for customers to connect with your brand in a whole new way.

Facebook Messenger

Tap into the power of Conversational Ads and drive users straight from Facebook Feed to Messenger!

Instagram Direct

The bot can respond immediately to direct messages (DMs), enhancing your engagement and smoothly converting followers into buyers.


Do you know that chatbots can help you grow your business on Telegram? Try our AI-driven no-code bot builder that leverages our experience in building the best Telegram bots for thousands of customers.

Habot is a game-changer for a reason!

This no-code, powerful Arabic NLP-supported custom Chatbot development platform offers various useful features

Build bots without any code

Best-in-class NLP engine

Best Arabic platform

Easy third-party integration

Proactive conversation initiator

Ready-to-go bots in a few clicks

Transform your HR practices with HR automation best practices

Lend your support team a helping hand

Habot can contribute to every enterprise’s success by adapting and deep learning about the sector and providing tailor-made solutions.