Make every lead count with our dynamic AI CHATBOT HABOT

Marketing wins are made easy with Habot, the best AI Chatbot for lead generation and conversational approach- facilitating custom-made campaigns across different channels at lower operational costs. 

Leads are precious, so make
the most of them

Automate part of the marketing process

Boost the volume of marketing conversations

Auto-qualify and nurture captured leads

Schedule meetings and calls

Personalize the user experience

Widen your brand reach

Never lose a potential customer, Amplify your marketing campaign reach

Our conversational AI-based Chatbot for lead generation guides visitors through your sales funnel by appealing to their pain points, making recommendations, getting them on your email list, and helping you nurture the leads over time

Increase Engagement


Increase lead generation


Reduce per-head cost


Increase conversion


Connect with your customers one-on-one

Empower your marketing strategy with dynamic cross-channel campaigns on the fly and engage your customers at every step of their purchasing journey.

Start conversations with your customers to build interest in your products/services

Reduce cart abandonment rates by 30% by grabbing users' attention before they leave

Understand your customer better and create a unified profile

Our Chatbot uses conversational marketing to collect contact details like emails or phone numbers and then share information relevant to the customer’s request. Later, that information determining customer behavior and patterns can be combined to create a unified profile, ensuring marketing campaigns’ maximum reach to the right audience.

Collect data on customer preferences, behavior, and feedback to be used by marketing teams to optimize their messaging and identify areas for improvement

Take control of your campaigns with data-driven, tailored campaigns: retarget users, engage them, and decode their preferences to increase sales

Make use of every channel

Integrate Habot with any channel and amplify your lead generation


Power-up conversations, boost customer engagement, generate qualified leads, drive sales, and provide on-demand support - all on your website by integrating our intelligent NLP Chatbot.


Starting from product recommendations to payments, our innovative Chatbot solutions for WhatsApp make it seamless for customers to connect with your brand in a whole new way.

Facebook Messenger

Tap into the power of Conversational Ads and drive users straight from Facebook Feed to Messenger!

Instagram Direct

The bot can respond immediately to direct messages (DMs), enhancing your engagement and smoothly converting followers into buyers.


Do you know that chatbots can help you grow your business on Telegram? Try our AI-driven no-code bot builder that leverages our experience in building the best Telegram bots for thousands of customers.

Reach customers through in-app ads to generate more leads and increase sales using ads – all by automating our Chatbot on the Line messaging app. 

Habot is a game-changer for a reason!

This no-code, powerful Arabic NLP-supported custom Chatbot development platform offers various useful features

Build bots without any code

Best-in-class NLP engine

Best Arabic platform

Test your bot on the go

Cloud and on-premises deployment

Easy third-party integration

Proactive conversation initiator

Ready-to-go bots in a few clicks

Constantly enhance dialogues using logs

Transform your HR practices with HR automation best practices

Lend your lead generation team a helping hand​

Habot can contribute to every enterprise’s success by adapting and deep learning about the sector and providing tailor-made solutions.